Do I REALLY need a new website?

So, you’ve been thinking about changing your website. But how do you know if you REALLY need an update?

Let’s break it down into three simple questions. Ask yourself…

1. Does my website look good on a smart phone or tablet?

YES my website adjusts to fit whatever screen is being used.
NO my website is super tiny and you have to zoom in to see anything.
NO it doesn’t work on anything other than a desktop computer.

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2. Is the majority of my content current?

YES my content was updated LESS THAN 6 MONTHS ago.
NO it has been MORE THAN 6 MONTHS.

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3. Does my website load right away?

YES it pops up right away.
NO you have to wait a little while for everything to load.

If you haven’t figured it out already, answering NO to any of these questions means it’s time for an update.


That doesn’t mean you have to pay 1,000’s of dollars for a complete overhaul. Perhaps you just need to refresh content. Maybe your content is amazing, but your site needs to be mobile friendly. Or maybe your site looks great but something is causing your site to load super slow. Whatever situation you find yourself in, contact Q7 Creative!

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