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If your website needs a makeover, you’re in the right place.

Stay Fresh with a Website Redesign

Gone are the days when you could build a website and forget it. With the constant change in technology, you need to make sure your website is up-to-date with the latest trends. Not just for looks, but for functionality, load time and to remain at the top of search engine results.

Your website makeover will not only improve the look and image of your company, but it will drive higher sales and lead conversion.

Plus, your customers want to see something new.
Gennarino BEFORE Website Makeover Gennarino AFTER Website Makeover

Many new customers will visit your website before reaching out via phone, email or in person.

Make sure that first impression is a great one!

Why Do You Need a Redesign?

Here are the top three (most common) reasons…

Better User Experience

When was the last time you actually navigated your business website?

By prioritizing the user experience (UX), you are putting your customers first. Slow load times, complex navigation and poor overall design can cost you valuable leads. By focusing on what drives your user, you can increase your revenue.

Adjust Your Marketing

As you grow, so should your sales and marketing strategy.

By aligning your website with the rest of your marketing strategy you are keeping your brand message consistent which portrays a successful business that will be around for years to come.


Add Functionality

It may be time to move features and/or services online.

From selling products and/or services online to having clients book appointments through your website themselves, WordPress offers many plugins to improve your website functionality.

Check out some of our makeovers.

Simply slide the arrows left or right to see a before and after.

These websites were quickly becoming obsolete with unresponsive design and outdated galleries. Priority was given to mobile responsiveness and a design their clients would love.

White Shadow Limo Website Makeover White Shadow Limo AFTER Website Makeover
Truffles and Gelato BEFORE Website Makeover Truffles and Gelato AFTER Website Makeover
TJ Cloud Nine BEFORE Website Makeover TJ Cloud Nine AFTER Website Makeover
DJ Emporium BEFORE Website Makeover DJ Emporium AFTER Website Makeover

Are you ready?

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Remember, when hiring a web design company, make sure you are comfortable with your designer, as you will be discussing your business in detail and you want to make sure it’s a good fit.


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